Thermal insulation:
320 g/sqm looped fleece. Turtleneck, waist adjustment to conserve heat.

Water repellence:
Specially treated so water slides off the fabric surface.

STRATERMIC® fleece wicks away perspiration generated by the body.

Freedom of movement:
Stretch component offers good freedom of movement.

Ease of use:
2 zipped hand-warmer pockets and 2 large inner pockets.

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    What is water repellency? A quality achieved by applying a hydrophobic, water repellent treatment to a fabric. This process prevents water from sticking to the fabric's surface, so less water is absorbed. When movement is added to the equation, water glides over the fabric. This is characterised as water repellency. Thanks to its water repellency, water does not soak into the external fabric, which keeps the fleece light and allows it to dry more quickly.

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    What is breathability and the RET index? The breathability of your Inshoreko Men's Fleece corresponds to its ability to let your body's perspiration escape. It is measured using Resistance to Evaporative Transfer (ISO Standard 11092). The RET is a resistance index; the lower the value, the greater the breathability of the garment. RET between 6 and 9: extremely breathable, between 10 and 13: very breathable, between 14 and 17: breathable, between 18 and 20: not very breathable, greater than 20: not breathable.

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    What is the Clo index? The Clo is the scale that measures the thermal resistance of your Inshoreko Men's Fleece. During the test, the component of your technical garment is exposed to a temperature close to that of the body and a controlled outside temperature. The Clo index reflects the ability of your Inshoreko Men's Fleece to retain your body heat inside the garment. The greater the Clo index, the better the technical component will retain your body heat.


Water repellent Stratermic fleece component made of 100% polyester.


320 g/sqm Stratermic fleece component with a water repellent outer side and a woven plush loop inner side.

Stock advice

Store on a hanger or folded in a dry place.

Care instructions:

Machine wash at 30┬░C

Inshoreko Men's Fleece

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